This may be a tough project that I am taking on, somehow an individual must look in reality eyes. The eyes that I hope I can open humanity’s eyes in the way I feel. The way I believe now than ever before; young and old. Whether the person, he or she, is Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgender, Queer; a rainbow of sorts of believing and becoming homosexual. Homosexuality is no disease. If it is considered a disease, let it be peace and happiness of the human condition. The disease is on this part is ignorance, hate, some or all religion, and bigotry. Just thinking of it, being bullied at any age is a disease too. How much hate, ignorance, and bullying can we linger? The human spirit feels like it is being crushed because of our choices and the love of man. The love of woman. Being Transgendered or Transhuman. Queer. BiSexual. Androgyny is hot. Also being a Cross Dresser. Some of the religious leaders of the young century keep preaching to their flocks that Homosexuality is wrong and the sign of the Devil. Its not. The scriptures did say, The Lord Loves All. One’s view, like mine, is an overdue cure of all the senses. That cure is Pure Love.

Now, I am not knocking heterosexuality. Male to female is fine; if the couple is meaned to be with each other. The Male side somehow; are labeled as cheaters, players, and not really the true at heart. Believe me love is really blind when the person is not truly in love with their partner. Why must they do this and hurt the person(s) feelings and play upon their emotions? They become so insecure and assume their self worth. It is very sad. I feel for the opposite sex. They should not be treated like no worth at all. I like women. They are humans also. Somehow, a part of me, is feminine too. A sissy boi at that. As I feel and I know I am; I am openly Gay. I may say I am Queer. I love men. Yet, the woman in me is drawn to be as of lesbian and the transgendered lifestyle. More to come as the manifesto becomes more clear and understanding for each and everyone of us. Being respectful and loving to oneself is a key to get through life and what may be reality. Can anyone really take a look deeper and deeper of one’s self? What philosophy can we all agree on? Most importantly is….Why?

Our sexuality is of one thought. All really have to be educated and extend boundaries. Our boundaries are endless and being a part of the LGBTQ community is more and more exciting. Our Pride becomes intoxicated and wonderful with adventure and pleasure that is right in front of us. Take a look in the mirror and what does one see? A reflection? Take a look deeper. There must be multiple choices of life in our needs to survive. Being homosexual is wonderful. Sure there are the acquaintences that have been by your side since the days of yore or growing up. I knew homosexuality at the age of 15. Yet the ones overprotect and overwhelmed me. The path was clear and set. More or less the leftovers. What I mean is, when a man is wed to a woman; they are as one. However, when there is a split or divorce, the baggage of that life lingers on to the next relationship. You never know what to expect. I do know is, after what is learned, rebuild and reconnect. Be strong. Never, never look back. I know it is hard because of the path that was made.


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